I obtained my PhD degree in computer science at the Bordeaux University in 2010 (LaBRI, in the image and sound computing team). I addressed the problem of the quality and accuracy of tomographic reconstruction techniques for industrial applications (non destructive testing).

    After my PhD, my researches focused on 3D imaging systems based on THz waves. During this PostDoc (at the Waves and Materials Laboratory of Aquitaine (LOMA), I proposed optimized iterative reconstructions to account for specific propagation of THz waves and chemical characterization using multispectral dataset and/or multi-energy continuous monochromatic wave acquisitions. I also was PostDoc at IRCCyN, from Sept. 2012 to Feb. 2013, in the Image Video and Communication team where I worked on the adaptation of discrete methods from real acquisitions in order to take profit of the exact transformations in discrete domains (fast computation, easy parallelization, exact transforms). 

    Then, I moved to the ANU (Australian National University), in the Applied Math Dept. of the Research School of Physics and Engineering (RSPE). I was developing numerical methods to reconstruct 3D dataset from multi-energy acquisitions (material characterization), to supervise and correct source misalignment and sample motions, and to optimize source trajectory (X-Ray micro-CT scanners). I am currently Post-Doc at INSERM, U1029 LAMC, working on numerical methods and HPC development for hyper-spectral analysis and spectral decomposition of high-resolution Infrared data; dedicated to cancer studies.

      In August 2014, I co-founded the Start-Up Noctyliospecialised in the software conception and on-demand development of 3D image and spectro-image processing and analysis tools.

    Please take a look on my research activities for more details and on the following pages for more details about my training and diplomas, experience and synthesis of research and teaching activities.