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Since 10/2015: PostDoc. INSERM, LAMC (Laboratoire de l'Anxiogènes et du Micro-environnement des Cancers)

            Spectral decomposition and hyper-spectral analysis of high-resolution Infrared data, dedicated to cancer studies. Development of numerical tools on HPC architectures for routine applications.

2014: Co-Founder of the Start-Up Noctylio

            See Noctylio website.

2013-2015: PostDoc. (2 years) Research School of Physics & Engineering, Applied Maths. Australian National University (Canberra)

            High Cone Angle microCT imaging, image reconstructions, X-Ray dual energy, material/chemical characterization using multiple X-Ray energy acquisitions, automated misalignment corrections, source blurring models, dynamic tomography, fluid flow modeling, iterative reconstructions.

2013: PostDoc. (3 months) LOMA (Laboratoire Ondes et Matières d'Aquitaine) TeraSLAM Team

           3D multi-energy THz imaging in reflection and transmission. Optimized beam propagation modeling. Combination of Time-Domain Spectroscopy (TDS) with Continuous Wave (monochromatic) 3D THz-Scanners.

2012-2013 : PostDoc. (6 months) IRCCyN (Institut de Recherches en Communications et Cybernétique de Nantes) - Image and Video-Communication Team

Application of exact Mojette and FRT projection space rotations in medical images. Discrete multi-   resolution and rotation based mapping between real and discrete projection spaces. Teaching assistant in computer science at the Polytech Nantes (school of engineering of the university of Nantes) 30h.

2011-2012 : PostDoc. (1 year) LOMA

Research Engineer - Expert in developing and deploying applications - CNRS section 7. Teaching assistant in computer science IUT of Bordeaux 1, 108h, License 1, License 2. 

2010-2011 : Teaching assistant in computer science IUT of Bordeaux 1

192h, License 1, License 2. 

2007-2010 : PhD student at the Computer science Lab. of Bordeaux (LaBRI).

Teaching assistant at Bordeaux 1 university and IUT of Bordeaux 1, 192h, License 1, License 2 and Master 2. 

2004-2005 Internship at the ENSAM (Engineer School Lab.) of Bordeaux

4 months : Conception and development of a software for monitoring the cooling phase during heat treatment on steels. 

2004 : DUT Technician Internship at the ENSAM of Bordeaux

2 months : Development of a program for calculating heat transfer coefficients.