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Synthesis of activities

Publications (updated: 2014-09-18) :

  • International journals : 12 (+1 in peer review);
  • International conferences with selection committee and proceedings : 16 (+1 in peer review);
  • International conferences with selection committee and abstracts : 17;
  • International workshops : 5;
  • French journals : 1;
  • French workshops : 10;
  • Reports : 2.

Distinctions :

  • "Eurêka" Thesis 1st price of Aquitaine (2011).

Participation in scientific events :

  • expert AERES Section for training and qualifications. Committee member for the evaluation of the graduate school of the University Pasquale Paoli (December 2011) ;
  • scientific Committee and Chairman at the french young researchers conference MajecSTIC 2010 (MAnifestation des JEunes Chercheurs en Sciences et Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication : Manifestation of young researchers in Science and Information Technology and Communication) ;
  • Peer for the conferences SecTech 2009 (International Conference on Security Technology) and RFIA 2012 (Reconnaissance des Formes et Intelligence Artificielle : Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence) ;
  • Co-organizer of Seminars on Inverse Problems IMB - IMS - LaBRI, Bordeaux 1 University, http://spi.labri.fr/, from january 2011 to july 2012 ;
  • Invited speaker workshop INRA, PEPI MACS, Parallel computing (C|G)PU, Paris, France, nov. 2011, THz Tomography on GPU.
  • Invited speaker to the EPU (Enseignement Post-Universitaire) "Traitement d'images en physique médicale", Bourgenay, Sept. 2015, Iterative Reconstructions: State of the Art and Optimisations.

Academic collaborations :

  • LOMA (UMR CNRS 5798), Bordeaux University - France ;
  • IMS (UMR CNRS 5218), Bordeaux University - France ;
  • LaBRI (UMR CNRS 5800), Bordeaux University - France ;
  • IRCCyN (UMR CNRS 6597), LUNAM University, Nantes - France ;
  • Museum of Aquitaine, Bordeaux - France ;
  • ICMCB (UPR CNRS 9048), Bordeaux - France ;
  • CERMA (UMR CNRS 1563), LUNAM University, Nantes - France ;
  • Australian National University, Reseach School of Physics & Engineering, Canberra - Australia ;
  • Monash University, Faculty of Science, Melbourne - Australia ;
  • University of New South Wales, Sydney - Australia. 

Industrial collaborations :

  • TomoAdour (Hélioparc - Pau, FRANCE). Activities : 3D scanning and industrial X-ray tomography for Non Destructive Testing (NDT) - http://www.tomoadour.com ;
  • Keosys (44815 Saint-herblain cedex - FRANCE). Activities : Conception of medical imaging devices and solutions for clinical research and medical diagnose - http://www.keosys.com ;
  • Teraview (TeraView Ltd, Platinum Building, St John's Innovation Park, Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0DS, United Kingdom). Activities : global developments in terahertz light, creating terahertz instruments which can generate, detect and manipulate radiation to characterize a wide range of materials - Teraview ;
  • MC2-Technologies (5 Rue du Colobri, 59650 Villeneuve D'ascq, France). Activities : characterisation, modelling and design of microwave components and systems - MC2-Technologies ;
  • Lithicon (73 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra ACT 2600, Australia). Activities : advanced pore-scale imaging technologies and analysis software providing quick and accurate predictions of petrophysical and multi-phase flow properties based on 2D and 3D rock images - Lithicon ;
  • Noctylio (53 rue professeur Daguin, 33800 Bordeaux, France). Activities: software and on-demand developments for 3D data and spectra-image processing and analysis. - Noctylio ;
  • FEI, High performance microscopy workflow solutions - FEI.

Projects :

DOTNAC : Development and Optimization of THz NDT on Aeronautics Composite Multi-layered Structure

European Project n FP7-AAT-2010-RTD-1, started in september 2010 (36 months). The main goal of this project is to develop a non destructive testing tool based on THz rays, without contact and transportable on site. This tool has to be integrated in industrial chain et has to allow the detection of surface, sub-surface or in-depth defects in materials used in aeronautics. The project partners (not listed before) are : 
    • Ecole Royale Militaire (Bruxelles, Belgium, Project coordinator), 
    • Verhaert New Products & Services NV (Bruibeke, Belgium),
    • Innov Support (Kmokke-Heist, Belgium), 
    • Franhaufer IPM (Münich, Germany), 
    • CNRS (LOMA, LaBRI, Talence, France), 
    • Fundacion Centro de Tecnologias Aeronauticas (Minano, Spain), 
    • LGAI Technological Center,
    • SA (Barcelona, Spain), 
    • Centre Internacional de Metodes Numerics en Enginyeria (Barcelona, Spain), Israeli
    • Aerospace Industries LTD (Lod, Israël).


The Quanticardi project consists in developing the use of positron emission tomography (PET) imaging in the field of cardiology in Europe. The project has been funded by the French government and accredited by Atlanpole Biotherapies as part of the cluster’s radiopharmaceuticals theme. Quanticardi is led by the company Lemer Pax, with Keosys, Arronax and the University of Nantes’ Subatech, IRCCyN and CRCNA groups as project partners.

Teaching : 2007-2010 (192h), 2010-2011 (192h), 2011-2012 (138h) :

  • BoS at the Polytech Nantes (school of engineering of the university of Nantes) ;
  • BoS and MoS at the IUT of computer science and University of Bordeaux 1 ;
  • BoS at the French University of Ho-Chi-Minh City (Vietnam).
More details on my teaching activities here.

Corporate Teaching :

Head teacher of the courses X-Ray tomography : from the acquisition to the treatment of metal artefacts, performed at TomoAdour (2 days, 15 participants, engineer level). Author of the specification and supports provided to participants.

Supervising (current) :

  • PhD : co-supervisor of 2 PhD students at the Research School of Physics and Engineering (Canberra) ;
  • PhD : Member of the committee supervising 2 PhD students (in Bordeaux, and in Nantes, France) ;

Supervising (past) :

  • MoS Thesis : co-supervisor of 3 internships at the Research School of Physics and Engineering (Canberra) ;
  • MoS Research in computer science : Correction of metal artefacts in X-Ray tomography ; in collaboration with TomoAdour. Defended by L. Frederique in july 2012 (LaBRI - Bordeaux).
  • MoS 2 : supervisor of 4 internships ;
  • MoS 1 : supervisor of a programming project ;
  • IUT : supervisor of 4 internships.