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Training and Diplomas

2010 - Ph.D. graduate of the Bordeaux 1 University

Section : computer science, LaBRI (Computer science Lab. of Bordeaux), Image and Sound Team, performed under the direction of Jean-Philippe Domenger (Pr) and Pascal Desbarats (MdC HDR). 

Title : Quality and accuracy of Tomographic Reconstructions : Algorithms and Applications. 

Defended on : 29th of november 2010 

Jury :    M. BRAQUELAIRE Achille (Pr), president ; 
             M. BOUDIER Thomas (MdC HDR), referee ; 
             M. GUEDON Jean-Pierre (Pr), referee ; 
             M. DOMENGER Jean-Philippe (Pr), thesis supervisor ; 
             M. DESBARATS Pascal (MdC HDR), thesis co-supervisor ; 
             M. MONTAUDON Michel (Pr), invited referee. 

Keywords : Industrial, medical and biological imaging, tomography, treatment and image analysis, inverse problems, stochastic analysis, iterative algorithms, parallel computing.

Motivations : Quantitative and qualitative analysis of tomographic methods based on global image metrics. Mapping between usual and discrete transforms to reduce the missing wedge effect in tomography from limited angle data.

Development : Implementation of usual reconstruction algorithms in parallel with C++ on the last generation of Nvidia graphic processor units using the CUDA.

Funding : Scholarship of Aquitaine.

Qualification : 27eme section (2011) i.e. to be assistant professor in computer science.

Distinctions : "Eurêka" Thesis 1st price of Aquitaine (2011).

2007 Master of Science 2 Research in computer science

Section : Image, Sound and Multimedia - Medical Imaging, Bordeaux 1 University, with honors.

Title : Tomographic reconstructions using discrete transforms.

State of the art of the Radon transform used to reconstruct an image from these projections. Adaptation of the exact Mojette transform. Study of the interaction/mapping between the both methods.

2006 Master of Science 1 in computer science, Bordeaux 1 University

Systems and networks, parallel programming and design. Distributed algorithms. Computing design patterns.

2005 Bachelor of Science in computer science, Bordeaux 1 University

Basis for computing. Langage theory. Advanced algorithms, graphs. OS.

2004 DUT in computer science, IUT of Bordeaux 1 (computer technician graduate)

Oriented Object programming, C/C++, Visual C++, Java. Conception and analysis of information systems, UML and Merise 2.0. Databases, Oracle, SQL Server. Web applications, HTML, PHP, ASP.